Lempuyang Temple

Bali Lempuyang Temple is a Hindu holy temple dedicated to worshipping Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa, who manifests as the god Icwara, and is located at the top of Bisbis Hill in the east of Bali islands, with a breathtaking view of Bali’s highest peak, Mount Agung. Tourists are familiar with the Gate of Heaven Lempuyang temple. Lempuyang temple is in the East Bali city of Karangasem, subdistrict Abang, and village Tribuana. The temple faces Mount Agung and provides a spectacular view of the volcano from Bisbis Hill’s summit. The temple is a sacred location where Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa manifests himself as Icwara.

Things To Know Before Visit Lempuyang Temple

The location of the Lempuyang Temple is located in the eastern area of ​​the island of Bali, namely in the village of Tribuana, Abang District, Karangasem. Precisely located on Bisbis Hill, where on this hill the scenery is very beautiful, you can see the view of Mount Agung very clearly. If you drive from Kuta it will take about 2 hours 30 minutes to reach this location, if you want to explore it yourself you can use Google Map to find the location of this Lempuyang Temple. A very good sensation to travel alone and see the beauty of this lempuyang temple. And if you don’t want to be busy traveling alone, here we offer several tour packages that you can buy to visit this place, such as the Bali Lempuyang Tour which also includes other attractions that are no less interesting, at prices that are certainly cheap and without losing service. which is very satisfying and will definitely make your day in visiting this Gate of Heaven

Lempuyang Luhur Temple and other Sad Pura Sad Kahyangan were founded in the 11th century AD when Mpu Kuturan accompanied King Udayana to rule Bali with his queen. Pura Sad Kahyangan was established to protect Bali so that people continue to do things that are justified according to religious teachings. The establishment of the Lempuyang Luhur temple can’t be separated from the event of the downfall of “Bhatara Tiga” in ancient times from Semeru Mountain in Bali and events after the event. Of so many sources, it is worth citing three of them, namely :

  1. In Lontar Kutara Kanda Dewa Purana Bangsul was declared Sang Hyang Parameswara carrying mountains in Bali from Jambhudwipa (India), from Mount Mahameru. The piece of Mount Mahameru was brought to Bali and divided into three major parts and also small parts. The center is made of Mount Batur and Mount Rinjani, while the peak is Mount Agung. The smaller fragments become the mountain slopes in Bali that are related to each other. The mountains include Mount Tapsahi, Pengelengan, Siladnyana, Beratan, Batukaru, Nagaloka, Pulaki, Sangkur Peak, Rangda Hill, Trate Bang, Padang Dawa, Andhakasa, Uluwatu, Sraya and Gunung Lempuhyang. In the Old Javanese language Lempuh which means “gamongan”. He brought this mountain range that surrounded Bali Island by Sang Hyang Parameswara as the location of God’s manifestation gods to guard Bali.
  2. In Lontar Kutara Kanda the Purana God of Bangsul also stated that the Parameswara assigned his son Sang Hyang Agnijayasakti down to Bali and preserved the welfare of Bali and located on Mount Lempuhyang or Gunung Gamorangan along with other gods.
  3. In the inscription Sading C year 1072 Saka stated that Gunung Lempuhyang also called Gunung Adri Karang. At Mount Adri Karang this is the King of Jayasakti, because that is the mountain also called Karangsemadi. King Jayasakti was instructed by his father Sang Hyang Guru to go down to Bali to build the temple to become a safe and prosperous area. King Jayasakti invites his priests and his helpers and people to realize the order of Sang Hyang Guru to build Bali by initiating the construction of the temple at Mount Lempuhyang as the statues of God as Sang Hyang Iswara. Previously, Raja Jayasakti did as a first step in building a peaceful life in Bali.

Priest from the Lempuyang Temple are always held by one offspring traditionally according to the purusa (patrilinial) line, while the “pengangge” used in Lempuyang Luhur Temple is always white and yellow. When the aci or piodalan ceremony is held, all ingredients of the ingredients are provided by the “Truna” (youth), while those who work are “” Daha “(krandan) are teenage women. This is so that all of them are sacred, because they are spiritual, although sometimes this cannot yet be a guarantee of the sanctity.

When talking about the meaning of the word lempuyang, here there are many versions of the meaning of the name lempuyang, because there has been no research that has detailed the meaning of the name lempuyang, so based on several inscriptions, community stories and historical interrelationships, it can be said that there are 3 versions of the meaning of the word lempuyang that has been circulating in the community, here we try to explain some of the meanings of the word lempuyang based on 3 versions

  1. The first version explains that the origin of the name lempuyang is based on a cultural book, where it is explained that the word lempuyang comes from the word “lampu” which means “light” and “hyang” means “god”, so lempuyang can be interpreted as a holy light from a bright god. Lempuyang Temple is the palace of Hyang Gni Jaya or Dewa Isawara.
  2. The second version explains that the word lempuyang stands alone where in Java the word lempuyang refers to a type of plant for bamboo. It is also associated with the existence of banjars around lempuyang named bangle and gamongan. These two banjar names are the names of a type of plant commonly used as medicine or seasoning
  3. The third version explains that the word lempuyang comes from the word “empu” or “emong” which means guarding, where Bhatra Hyang Pasupati sent his three sons and daughters to carry out the task of maintaining the stability of Bali from various shocks from natural disasters. The three sons and daughters, namely Bathara Hyang Putra Jaya resided in Tohlangkir (Mount) Agung with Parahyangan at Besakih Temple, Batari Dewi Danuh resided at Ulun Danu Batur Temple and Batara Hyang Gni Jaya on Mount Lempuyang

Regarding Lempuyang Temple, which is said to be the gate of heaven, it is from the tourists who come here and take pictures at the gate with the background of Mount Agung, and the resulting photos are so beautiful and very instagrammable, and the tourists say that this is the Gate of Heaven, where the mountain in Bali has a high status and is purified. Take pictures at the gate with Balinese carvings that are very beautiful, and if the weather is very clear you can see Mount Agung as the largest mountain on the island of Bali very clearly and the resulting photos will also be very beautiful. The photos are booming on social media and many tourists flock here and are curious about the gate at this lempuyang temple. No wonder this Lempuyang Temple deserves the nickname as the Gate of Heaven, and also until now Lempuyang Temple is always crowded with tourists who are curious about this heaven’s gate and want to capture this rare moment when visiting Lempuyang Temple.

As a very famous tourist attraction in eastern Bali, Lempuyang Temple has very complete facilities, from the toilet, the provision of free sarong which is included in the entrance ticket, there is a snack and beverage shop near Lempuyang Temple. In addition, from the parking area you cannot go directly to the Penataran Lempuyang Temple, but you have to take the shuttle bus provided here, because the road to Lempuyang Temple is very steep and winding, so to avoid accidents due to the heavy traffic flow on the road to Lempuyang, there is a parking area and a shuttle bus that you can use, of course there are costs incurred if you use this shuttle bus. If you vacation on the island of Bali can take our Bali Gate of Heaven Tour, it’s incomplete if you don’t visit this lempuyang temple which is the Gate of Heaven on the island of Bali

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