Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach Ungasan Bali is a new white sand beach resort in Bali. It is located in the island’s south and is popular with foreign tourists. Melasti Beach in Ungasan, Bali, was being created during the time. such as road construction and the development of beach resort support services. However, the construction process is now complete. Thus, Melasti Beach in Ungasan is easily accessible to tourists.

Things To Know Before Visit Melasti Beach

The Road To Melasti Beach Ungasan
The Road To The Beach

The main point of interest of Melasti Beach Bali in Ungasan is on the access road to the beach location. You must pass through a winding derivative path above the towering white limestone cliffs to get to the beach shore.

A white rock cliff flanks the access roads to the beach location. It is like a cliff you saw on the way to Pandawa Beach, Kutuh Bali. The access road to Melasti Beach Bali in Ungasan has been asphalt. So the path to the Beach can be quickly passed through by cars

Special Changing Room For Pre-Wedding Photo
Special Changing Room For Pre-Wedding Photo

When you drive through the road above the cliffs, you can see the Melasti Beach Ungasan beautiful scenery. Therefore, many engage couples chose a limestone cliff path leading to the Beach as a pre-wedding photo location, with the background of the cliff or the backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

To do a pre-wedding photo session at Melasti beach Ungasan, a pre-wedding location fee is charged to the pre-wedding couple. The couple and the photographer crew can use specialized facilities, such as the makeup room and toilet, by paying for the pre-wedding photoshoot location fee.

Place to Rinse Feet
A place to Rinse Feet

In the meantime, the beach infrastructure for coastal attractions is in construction. Therefore, you will not see a cafe or mini-market on the Beach which provides food and drinks to buy. So, when you visit Melasti Beach Ungasan, you should bring food and beverages. However, do not litter! Let us work together to maintain the cleanliness of the Beach.

Toilets, changing rooms, and places to rinse feet are now available on the Beach’s edge, and the location is spotless and comfortable. The toilet’s cost depends on the visitor’s awareness to donate.

Swimming Sign In Bali Beach
Swimming Sign In Bali Beach

The ocean waves on the Beach shoreline are not too big, so it is perfect for swimming. If you like snorkeling activities, do not forget to bring your snorkeling gear, as the seawater is clear, and the underwater scenery is gorgeous. Please also remember to bring swimsuits, soap, shampoo, and towels.

Can I surf at Melasti beach in Ungasan Bali? I’m not a surfer; therefore, I ask one of the staff there. The beach wave is suitable for beginner surfers;

If you want to see the sunset view, Melasti Beach Ungasan is not perfect for sunset scenery. Due to the beach location located on the south side of Bali island. Therefore, if the sun’s position leans to the south, you can see the Melasti beach sunset.

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